Augmented Reality for Health

27 May 2014
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Hands on with the Epson Moverio BT-200 augmented reality smart glasses at CES 2014

In recent years, several systems have been proposed to emphasize the support of physical aspects at the expense of emotional aspects. However, emotional health is as important as physical health and negative emotional health can lead to social or mental health problems. To cope with negative emotional health, we propose a new healthcare system that focuses on emotional aspects. Our healthcare system integrates augmented reality to display virtual objects in real environments and Kinect, which allows users to freely interact with them. We also employ biological sensors to measure and detect user emotions, and provide three services based on their expected emotions: relaxation, amusement and excitement services. This paper focuses on the implementation of a breathing control application in the relaxation service that applied deep breathing techniques of stress management to supports users when they experience stress and other negative emotions. This application displays a virtual music box to assist them perform deep breathing. Virtual objects and music can increase user relaxation and decrease stress.