Shot Scale Classification in Movies by CNN

05 Feb 2018
Shot Scale Classification in Art Movies by Convolutional Neural Networks
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Shot Scale Classification in Art Movies by Convolutional Neural Networks


The scale of shot, i.e. the apparent distance of the camera from the main subject of a scene, is one of the main stylistic and narrative functions of filmic products, conveying meaning and inducing the viewer's emotional state while watching movies.
In this work we propose to use convolutional neural networks for the automatic classification of shot scale into Close-, Medium-, or Long-shots.
The development of such a tool will allow to systematically investigate the relationship between the shot scale and the emotional involvement in movies on large movie corpora.
Training and testing are performed on the full filmographies by six different authors (Scorsese, Godard, Tarr, Fellini, Antonioni, and Bergman) for a total number of 120 movies analysed second by second, with results superior to state-of-the-art, thus opening up interesting lines of cross-disciplinary research on the impact of style on the aesthetic and emotional effects on the viewers.


The dataset includes the almost complete filmography by six different directors whose styles are consensually considered highly unique and distinguishable in film historiography of author cinema:

Director Year Oiginal name English name (North America)
Antonioni 1950 Cronaca di un amore* Story of a Love Affair
1953 I vinti The Vanquished
1953 La signora senza camelie* The Lady Without Camelias
1955 Le amiche* The Girl Friends
1957 Il grido* The cry
1960 L'avventura* The Adventure
1961 L'eclisse* Eclipse
1962 La Notte The night
1964 Il deserto rosso* Red desert
1966 Blowup Blowup
1970 Zabriskie Point Zabriskie Point
1975 Professione reporter* The Passenger
1982 Identificazione di una donna* Identification of a Woman
Bergman 1949 Fangelse* Prison
1950 Till gladje* To Joy
1951 Sommarlek* Summer Interlude
1952 Kvinnors vantan* Secrets of Women
1953 Gycklarnas afton* Sawdust and Tinsel
1953 Sommaren med Monika* Summer with Monika
1954 En lektion i karlek* A Lesson in Love
1955 Kvinnordrom Dreams
1955 Sommarnattens leende* Smiles of a Summer Night
1957 Det Sjunde inseglet The Seventh Seal
1957 Smultronstallet* Wild Strawberries
1958 Ansiktet The Magician
1958 Nara livet Brink of Life
1960 Djavulens oga* The Devil's Eye
1960 Jungfrukallan* The Virgin Spring
1961 Sasom i en spegel* Through a Glass Darkly
1963 Nattvardsgasterna* Winter Light
1963 Tystnaden* The silence
1966 Persona* Persona
1968 Skammen* Shame
1968 Vargtimmen* Hour of the Wolf
1969 En Passion* The Passion of Anna
1969 Riten The rite
1971 Beroringen The Touch
1972 Viskningar och rop* Cries and Whispers
1973 Scener ur ett aktenskap* Scenes from a Marriage
1976 Ansikte mot ansikte Face to Face
1977 Das Schlangenei The Serpent's Egg
1978 Hostsonaten* Autumn Sonata
1980 Aus dem Leben der Marionetten From the Life of the Marionettes
1982 Fanny och Alexander Fanny and Alexander
2003 Saraband* Saraband
Fellini 1950 Luci del varietà* Variety Lights
1952 Lo sceicco bianco The White Sheik
1953 I vitelloni I vitelloni
1954 La Strada The road
1955 Il Bidone* The Swindle
1960 La Dolce Vita* La Dolce Vita
1963 Otto e Mezzo
1965 Giulietta degli spiriti* Juliet of the Spirits
1969 Satyricon* Satyricon
1972 Roma Roma
1973 Amarcord* Amarcord
1976 Casanova Fellini's Casanova
1978 Prova d'orchestra Orchestra Rehearsal
1980 La città delle donne City of women
1983 E la nave va* And the Ship Sails On
1986 Ginger e Fred Ginger and Fred
1990 La voce della luna The Voice of the Moon
Godard 1960 A bout de souffle* Breathless
1960 Le Petit Soldat The Little Soldier
1961 Une femme est une femme* A Woman Is a Woman
1962 Vivre sa vie My Life to Live
1963 Le Mepris* Contempt
1963 Les Carabiniers* The Carabineers
1964 Bande a part* Band of outsiders
1964 Une femme mariee A Married Woman
1965 Alphaville* Alphaville: A Strange Adventure of Lemmy Caution
1965 Pierrot le Fou Pierrot le Fou
1966 Made in USA* Made in USA
1966 Masculin feminin* Masculine Feminine
1967 2 ou 3 choses que je sais d'elle Two or Three Things I Know About Her
1967 La chinoise* La chinoise
1967 Week-end* Weekend
1969 Le Gai savoir Joy of Learning
1972 Tout va bien Everything's Going Fine
1980 Sauve qui peut la vie Every Man for Himself
1983 Prenom Carmen First Name: Carmen
1985 Detective Détective
1985 Je vous salue Marie Hail Mary
1987 King Lear King Lear
1987 Soigne ta droite Keep Your Right Up
1990 Nouvelle vague New Wave
1991 Allemagne année 90 neuf zéro Germany Year 90 Nine Zero
1996 For Ever Mozart For Ever Mozart
2001 Éloge de l'amour In Praise of Love
2004 Notre musique Our Music
2010 Film socialisme* Film Socialism
Scorsese 1967 Who's that knocking at my door Who's that knocking at my door
1972 Boxcar Bertha Boxcar Bertha
1973 Mean Streets* Mean Streets
1974 Alice doesn't live here anymore Alice doesn't live here anymore
1976 Taxi Driver* Taxi Driver
1977 New York, New York New York, New York
1980 Raging Bull* Raging Bull
1983 The King of Comedy The King of Comedy
1985 After Hours* After Hours
1986 The color of money The color of money
1988 The Last Temptation of Christ The Last Temptation of Christ
1990 Goodfellas* Goodfellas
1991 Cape Fear Cape Fear
1993 The Age of Innocence The Age of Innocence
1995 Casino* Casino
1997 Kundun Kundun
1999 Bringing Out the Dead Bringing Out the Dead
2002 Gangs of New York* Gangs of New York
2004 The Aviator* The Aviator
2006 The Departed* The Departed
2010 Shutter Island* Shutter Island
2011 Hugo* Hugo
2013 The Wolf of Wall Street The Wolf of Wall Street
Tarr 1977 Csaladi tuzfeszek* Family Nest
1981 Szabadgyalog The Outsider
1982 Panelkapcsolat The Prefab People
1985 Oszi almanach* Almanac of Fall
1988 Karhozat* Damnation
1994 Satantango Satan's Tango
2000 Werckmeister harmoniak* Werckmeister Harmonies
2007 A Londoni Ferfi* The Man from London
2011 A torinoi lo* The Turin Horse

Those with * are used for testing.


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