Kinect Piano

12 May 2014
Automatic music transcription from piano using Kinect
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Automatic music transcription from piano using Kinect

Paper Piano with Kinect


The objectives of this work are:

- to mount and calibrate a Kinect device on top of a piano keyboard (looking down) for example using a tripod for cameras;

- to acquire video+depth data of played songs (on increasing level of complexity);

- to detect and track fingertips while moving and pressing on the keyboard;

- to transcript the corresponding played music as text.

(Disclaimer: The video and the attached paper are only inspirational.)


F. Pedersoli, S. Benini, N. Adami, and R. Leonardi, ``XKin: an Open Source Framework for Hand Pose and Gesture Recognition Using Kinect,'' in The Visual Computer: International Journal of Computer Graphics, accepted for publication on January 17th, 2014.