Physiological parameters estimation

20 Feb 2014
Mobile application for the estimation of vital parameters through the image analysis
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Mobile application for the estimation of vital parameters through the image analysis

Heart Rate


The traditional techniques for the measurement of physiological parameters of interest (heart rate, respiratory rate ) are based on direct contact sensors, such as electrocardiogram (ECG) , the pulse oximeter or piezoelectric transducers. These kind of methodology, requiring direct contact with the subject, may be invasive, uncomfortable, generate epidermis irritation and soreness. In addition, in presence of burns or abrasions is impossible to apply sensors to interested parties.
In this paper is shown a contact-less system for the estimation of the heartbeat based on image analysis. Using photoplethysmography principles it's possible to acquire a signal correlated to the blood volume pressure based on the observation of face portions.
By exploiting techniques of Blind Source Separation was possible to extract the information closely linked to the phenomenon of heartbeat . The use of a controlled light source for illumination of the face , the selection intraining exclusively associated with a particular color only in the region of the forehead and cheeks, the adoption dell'embedding theorem , are the elements that jointly have allowed to develop a measuring system with high accuracy, without requiring the contact with the subject .
The efficacy and demonstrated the ability to implement the system on mobile devices opens up new and interesting applications. The personal check-up , sleep studies , analysis of the psycho-physical condition , training sessions for fitness or prevention of phenomena such as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS - Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ) are all scenarios, for example, in which a remote monitoring of the vital parameters could bring many benefits.