Augmented Reality of a Transistor

24 Mar 2015
An educational application of an augmented reality system
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An educational application of an augmented reality system

Augmented reality for education: insights on a transistor

This work aims at analyzing the recent advances in  Augmented Reality systems and proposes the development of an educational application in the field of microelectronics.


We initially provide an analysis of what Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are, and where they are positioned in the so-called Reality-Virtuality Continuum. Then we offer an overview of the recent technological evolution, with some insights in some areas of research and some examples of applications in different fields. Later on we present the technologies associated to the development of an Augmented Reality system, analyzing in details the three main stages of development, i.e. Tracking, Recording and Display, also examining some issues concerning security and privacy. 


Finally we present how we developed an educational application, using Vuforia SDK, which aims at facilitating student understanding of the internal structure of an electronic device, a transistor, with the ability to observe the internal structure through the use of a smartphone and a printed image as a reference.